Lupina Young Researchers Award

 Previous Recipients
  • 2017
  • Özge Karanfil
    “A Dynamics Model for Understanding Long-Term Trends in Prostate Cancer Screening”

  • 2016
  • Bramka Arga Jafino and Pedram Soltani
    “Saving Lives and Time: Tackling Transportation Induced Air Pollution in Jakarta” [Supporting Material]

  • 2015
  • Sebastiaan Fakkert and Philipp Schwarz
    “Kidney transplantations in the United States: A System Dynamics approach to reduce the waiting list and illegal trafficking”

  • 2014
  • Mohammad Jalali
    “Dynamics of Obesity Interventions inside Organizations” [Supporting Material]

  • 2013
  • No Award Given.

  • 2012
  • Thomas Logtens
    “Societal Aging in the Netherlands: Exploratory System Dynamics Modeling and Analysis” [Supporting Material]

     Vincent de Gooyert
    “Revisiting the Roberts-Levin Patient Dropout Mode” [Supporting Material]

     Tom Rust
    “Re-designing policy and process in health care service delivery: a system dynamics case study”

  • 2011
  • Oylum Seker
    “Modeling the Dynamics of Thyroid Hormones and Related Disorders”

     Navid Ghaffarzadegan
    “Beyond Personality Traits and Financial Incentives: Bias and Variation in Medical Practices as Results of Experiential Learning” [Supporting Material]

  • 2010
  • Erik Pruyt and Caner Hamarat
    “The New Flu Pandemic (A/H1N1): An Exploratory System Dynamics Approach” [Supporting Material]

  • 2009
  • Sangeeta Sardiwal
    “Evaluating the Effect of Integrated Health and Social Care Information Systems on Delayed Discharging of Patients” [Supporting Material]

     Emre Demirezen
    “A Simulation Model for Bloodcholesterol Dynamics and Related Disorders” [Supporting Material]

  • 2008
  • Hyunjung Kim
    “Broadening boundary perception in a multi-organizational context: Study of a community mental health program in New York State”

     Jennifer Headley, Holly Rockweiler, Aqeela Jogee
    “Women with HIV/AIDS in Malawi: The impact of anti-retroviral therapy on economic welfare” [Supporting Material]

    Past Award Selection Committees


    David Lounsbury (Chair)
    Eric Wol-stenholme
    Jack Homer
    Gary Hirsch
    Jim Thompson
    Radboud Duintjer-T
    Wayne Wakeland


    Jack Homer, Homer Consulting
    David Lounsbury, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
    Erik Pruit, TU Delft


    Gary Hirsch, Consultant, Creator of Learning Environments
    Jack Homer, Homer Consulting
    Geoff McDonnell, University of New South Wales
    Erik Pruyt, TU Delft
    Wayne Wakeland, Portland State University


    Gary Hirsch, Consultant, Creator of Learning Environments
    Jack Homer, Homer Consulting
    Erik Pruyt, TU Delft
    Hazhir Rahmandad, Virginia Tech
    Wayne Wakeland, Portland State University