SDR Virtual Issue

A “virtual issue” is a new online publication option offered by the publishers of the System Dynamics Review (SDR) journal. A virtual issue consists of a collection of articles on a specific topic, which have previously been published in SDR, a topic-specific bibliography and a summary by the editors. These thematic issues will be available online. As the second of a series, the virtual issue that is edited by Jim Duggan and Rogelia Oliva is made online in February 2013, and it focuses on structural dominance analysis. The issue includes the following key articles on the topic;

  • Loop polarity, loop dominance, and the concept of dominant polarity
    George P. Richardson
  • Dominant structure
    George P. Richardson
  • Reality check: A bridge between systems thinking and system dynamics
    David W. Peterson and Robert L. Eberlein
  • A behavioral approach to feedback loop dominance analysis
    David N. Ford
  • Statistical screening of system dynamics models
    Andrew Ford and Hilary Flynn
  • Feedback loop gains and system behavior
    Christian Erik Kampmann
  • Loop eigenvalue elasticity analysis: three case studies
    Christian Erik Kampmann and Rogelio Oliva
  • Towards coherent loop dominance analysis: progress in eigenvalue elasticity analysis
    Burak Güneralp
  • Behavior modes, pathways and overall trajectories: eigenvector and eigenvalue analysis of dynamic systems
    Paulo Gonçalves
  • Using Digest to implement the pathway participation method for detecting influential system structure
    Mohammad Mojtahedzadeh, David Andersen and George P. Richardson
  • Do parallel lines meet? How can pathway participation metrics and eigenvalue analysis produce similar results?
    Mohammad Mojtahedzadeh
  • Consistency in explaining model behavior based on its feedback structure
    Mohammad Mojtahedzadeh


You may access the virtual issue through the website of SDR: