The Transport Special Interest Group was approved in November 2016. The purpose of the SIG is to focus on understanding of the Transportation system, with three long-term goals in mind:

  1. The promotion of system dynamics as a tool to analyse transportation systems and policy.
  2. The development of a repository of case studies, models and other resources for practice and teaching.
  3. To work as a group to spread the use of system dynamics through the transport community both in practice and in academia – via for example workshops, targeting transport related conferences and journals and development of case studies with policy impact.

Collaboration with the Energy and Environment SIGs

Transport and energy are inherently interlinked, as transport currently accounts for a significant portion of energy use. Similarly, transport and energy are the greatest sources of carbon emissions which are also a concern of the Environment SIG. Subsequently, we anticipate close collaboration between the Transport, Energy, and Environment SIGs.

List of planned activities

  • Set up an interactive mailing list for members to share ideas.
  • Initiate a one-year series of exploratory focus groups via online web-meetings.
  • Bi-Monthly meetings will focus on 3-4 major topics (TBD), discussed at 3- to 4-month intervals on an overlapping schedule throughout the year. Within each topic this schedule allows for the clarification of key issues, providing windows to explore and refine the issues, and to identify short-term action items and longer-term goals. Participants may choose to participate in one or more focus groups according to individual interests.
  • Development of an online presence, for the promotion and discussion of our stated goals
  • Initiate links with Energy / Environment SIGs to foster future collaboration

How to Join the SIG

Transportation-SIG (T-SIG) is open to all, not just Society members. You can become a member of T-SIG whether you are a member of the society, or not. In either case, go to If you are not already registered (you do NOT have to be a Society Member), you need to register first in order to log in. Once you log in to the SD web portal, select the Update Contact Information option. At the bottom of that page, you will see a list of chapters and SIGs. Check the box next to Transportation SIG, and save changes. Please also send an email to to confirm that you have joined and to be added to our mailing list (email:; website:!forum/transport-sig-sds).

You can contact the SIG organisers at anytime on the email address: